August 13, 2022

4 things your tantric masseuse expects from you during the session

Tantric massage is the type of massage meant to help you achieve your sexual awakening, arousal and climax while giving you other regular massage benefits. The number of facilities like spas and parlors offering massage services are numerous you only have to eye the one that has the services you need. Finding a great masseuse means knowing the attribute to look for in one for instance professionalism and good communication skills. Your masseuse on the other hand will have the following expectations discussed below when you set your tantric London appointment with them today.

Be vocal when painful

Even after getting quality training on how to massage a human body, most masseuses consider the learning process anon-ending one. You should know that as your masseuse massages you, they are learning details about your body they will use in the future. In their exploration, some moves might be painful and that is why you ought to be vocal should you feel uncomfortable. Do not be afraid to speak up since you are the driver of the operation and your utmost satisfaction is the top target of the masseuse.

Do not come with a full stomach

The meals you have will depend on when the massage session is scheduled. Limit yourself to snacks, light meals and drinks in the event that you are expecting your massage in the next few hours. You can only have a heavy meal if you have enough time before your massage for the food to be digested. Most people have admitted to being uncomfortable when being massaged on an empty stomach. The pressure touches on your skin and organs can affect your digestive systems leading to gas release that can be embarrassing during the session.

Work on your breathing tactics

There are two major roles the masseuse has to handle during the tantric massage session, unwind your tense muscles and also help you get your sexual awakening. Amid the process your body gets improved blood circulation in the body which could affect your breathing. The massage therapist expects you to take it slow and control your breathing for the best effect in your blood circulation. Take deep and calm breaths to help you achieve relaxation and also match the sexual energy being radiated in the room if you are to have a nice experience.

A shower beforehand is necessary

It is common for most spas to provide their customers with showering facilities especially if they are getting into the next scheduled massage sessions in the facility. For sessions like tantric massage, you have to be fully clean as there may be a lot of body contact between you and your masseuse. You do not want to avail yourself when sweaty or with poor breath. Take care of your basic grooming and even consider waxing before the session just to be fully ready for whatever comes.

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